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High school students raise the Freedom Flag to carry out the promise to never forget.

Our goal to have the Freedom Flag flying at every elementary, middle and high school in the nation will ensure that future generations will never forget.

Freedom Flags are now flying in 1,800 primary, middle and high schools in the United States.  Our plan will have the Freedom Flag flying in every primary, middle and high school in the nation.  We are preparing a grade appropriate curriculum and protocol to accompany each Freedom Flag to enable schools to share the history of the events of September 11, 2001, affirming that “we will never forget.”

To accomplish this objective, we encourage you to donate a flag to your favorite elementary, middle or high school. Please Contact Us to let us know of your intentions to donate a flag to a particular school (please be sure to indicate the name and location of the school) so that we may assist you in this process! Please allow 10-14 days for the flag delivery process to be completed.