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The Freedom Flag Foundation has received conditional approval from
the Henrico County Board of Supervisors to construct the Freedom Flag Monument
and Virginia 9/11 Memorial in Henrico County, VA.

3d rendering thumb monument aerial
To view a 3D or aerial rendering showing the location of the monument and memorial site, click one of the images above.

The video below provides a narrative of the meaning of the freedom flag and a powerful, animated night-time rendering of the proposed monument and memorial site. Approximate Run-Time: 3 minutes.

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Why is the Virginia 9/11 Memorial and Freedom Flag Monument being constructed? The primary purpose of the Virginia 9/11 Memorial and Freedom Flag Monument site is to advance the Freedom Flag Foundation’s main goal of establishing the Freedom Flag as the national symbol of remembrance for September 11, 2001.  The memorial will provide a place for us all to pause and be reminded of the immense value of our freedom and that it must not be taken for granted.  As we reflect on our freedoms, the symbolism of the Freedom Flag and the names of the 2,976 innocent victims who perished, we are reminded that we must never forget the lives which were lost on that day and the incredible heroism displayed by the first responders.

Is the monument approved for construction? At its regular public hearing on November 9, 2010, The Henrico County Board of Supervisors granted approval (with conditions) to the Freedom Flag Foundation for its Plan of Development for the monument.

Where is the site of the proposed monument? At the corner of Parham Road and Quioccasin Road across from Regency Square Mall in Henrico County, Va.  To view an aerial image of the site, click here. 

How was this site selected? Founder Richard Melito and Henrico County officials worked together to select a site that was highly visible (50,000 cars per day) and a site that was appropriately sized and located for easy access.

Why isn’t the monument being located near one of the sites of the 9/11 attacks? Given that it is the home of the Freedom Flag, Henrico County is the natural choice for the location of the Freedom Flag Monument and Virginia 9/11 Memorial. Over the past 11 years, monuments and memorials to 9/11 of varying shapes, sizes, and designs have sprung up all across the United States. These monuments are a testament to the fact that the roots of freedom and remembrance can spring to life anywhere in this great country.

Who designed the monument? Richard Melito, owner of Melito’s Restaurant in Henrico County, created and designed the Freedom Flag and the Freedom Flag Monument. Perretz & Young Architects and Kimley-Horn and Associates (civil engineers) prepared the architectural and site plans required for the Henrico County Plan of Development process. The flag was designed following the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and has since been recognized by the State of Virginia as the National Symbol of Remembrance.

What are the key features of the monument? The memorial site and monument have been carefully design to help us recall the powerful sense of patriotism and appreciation of our freedoms which surged forth in the aftermath of 9/11.  The white granite monument will stand 22’-6” tall, 13’-6” wide and 3’-6” deep. It will have the 2,976 names of the victims engraved on the front face of the monument. The monument design includes all of the Freedom Flag features and symbols. The night lighting is a key design feature. The three flag poles are individually lit. The tallest flag pole (50’) is the American Flag at the top and the Freedom Flag flying just below it on the same flagpole. The two flanking flagpoles (40’) will have the State of Virginia Flag on one and the Henrico County Flag on the other flag pole. The hardscapes surrounding the monument will be comprised of the 2,976 brick pavers that are individually engraved with messages from the public donors that make a $100 contribution to the Freedom Flag Foundation. There will be Donor Boards on site, landscaped and properly lit. There will be a piece of steel from the World Trade Center featured, landscaped and properly lit as well. This feature will be dedicated to the Virginia victims.

When will the project be completed? The Freedom Flag Foundation has a goal to begin construction as soon as possible. Major donor outreach and other fund raising efforts are now underway to meet our goal of having the project done by the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.

Will visitation be free of charge? This will be the people’s monument at The Virginia 9-11 Memorial, and it will be open to the public free of charge.

Can anyone visit the memorial and what will be the hours of operation? This will be the people’s monument at The Virginia 9-11 Memorial, and will be open to the general public.  Hours of operation will be posted at the site. The Freedom Flag Foundation will encourage schools to make planned field trips to the site. There will be an annual memorial service every September 11 at 8:30 AM. The inaugural event will be attended by many dignitaries that were involved at the time of the attacks.

Will parking be available at the site? There are 5 parking spaces on-site, including ADA (handicap) parking. Ridge Baptist Church is a short walk east of the site and has agreed to provide approximately 100 parking spaces for overflow parking situations, such as for special events. The Freedom Flag Foundation is currently pursuing the use of additional off-site parking.

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